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What is Mechanical Engineering?

As by the name you understand, Mechanical Engineering is a stream of engineering which includes the application of engineering, physics and material science. It involves:

  1. The plan, study, manufacturing and maintenance of the machinery and its parts.
  2. Mechanical Engineering requires a clear concept of every subject, topic and the equipment being used.

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The evolution of Mechanical Engineering:

The introduction of mechanical engineering started at the beginning of 18th century in Europe at the time of industrial revolution. Later in the 19th century, with the development in the fields of physics progressed to integrate advancements in technology and mechanical engineers. Still, today advancements in technology are on.

Clearing the concept of Fourier analysis:

The study of any continuous function that is produced by innumerable trigonometric function waves is called Fourier analysis. This is such a phenomenon that is applied on a daily basis in determining the frequencies of different components either in a musical note, or signal processing or digital radio reception or even x-ray crystallography.

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