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What is constraint management?

Many believe constraint management to be the other name of the theory of constraint (TOC). This is a misconception as constraint management is an outgrowth of TOC. It is an effective management system which is used to maintain the task and provide assistance to employees.

What are the set rules under this management system?

Under constraint management, there are mainly 3 set rules which are used for augmenting the operational efficiency and performance standards. Those 3 rules are:

  • Recognizing the constraint type
  • Exploitation of constraints
  • Enhancing steps to bridge the gaps between the constraints

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What are the different types of constraints?

There are mainly 7 types of constraints under this management system. Those are:

  1. Resource constraints

It deals with amenities for satisfying product or service demands.

  1. Vendor or supplier constraints

It deals with vendors who respond to orders.

  1. Competence constraints

It deals with the business knowledge for improving service performance.

  1. Material constraints

Lack of capability to acquire the necessary products or services which can fulfill the required demands

  1. Financial constraints

It deals with the insufficient flow of cash that is necessary for sustaining business operations

  1. Market constraints

It deals with less product or service demand in the market

  1. Constraints related to policy

It deals with all the necessary rules, laws and business practices that help towards the progress of a company

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Various salient subtopic stated by 24x7assignmenthelp.com

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  • Systematic approach of this management system
  • 5 focusing steps under it
  • Process improvement in comparison to system optimization
  • Goals of constraint management
  • Essential assumptions
  • Tools utilized under constraint management
  • Determining technique for identifying next constraint
  • Requirement of constraint management

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