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What is foreign exchange market?

Foreign exchange is also known by few other names like currency market, FX or forex. This currency market is a decentralized global trading market related to various currencies. Formation of this market is based on the collaboration and cooperation of various entities like:

  • Commercial companies
  • Investment management organizations
  • Banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Retail forex brokers
  • Central banks
  • Investors

Constitutions of foreign exchange market

There are no set of special rules and regulations for foreign exchange market than another exchange market in comparison. Still, there are few regulations that are mandatory for all traders to follow.

  • The main aspect related to rules in this currency market is to provide secure measures to traders.
  • Keeping necessary checks so that there are no illegal measures taking place in trading moves.
  • Fixed buying, exchanging, and selling rates for effective trading

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Various functions of foreign exchange market

There are certain functions of currency market which comes under its constituency and helps by reducing the risk exposure of monetary transaction. Some of the functions are:

  • Provision of credit
  • Transfer of purchasing power
  • Minimizing the risk in currency exchange

Difficult areas answered by

In constitutions of foreign exchange market homework help manual, we provide you with the complete solution of this topic. Few difficult questions and aspects related to foreign exchange market that students usually faces are as follows:

  • Geographical extent of this market
  • Size of Forex market
  • Various market participants
  • Quotations and exchange rates formed in foreign exchange market
  • Methods of such rate formation

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