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A Confidence Level in statistics describes the percentage of considered instances that can be included in an accurate population parameter. It denotes the mean of that instance being tested, contained by a precise range of value. That signifies, if a system is being tested repeatedly to obtain an accurate value, the results of next tests will be more predictable.

Confidence limits are used for measuring interval estimate for the mean. This interval estimate of the mean is important, as it has different values for different samples. A confidence interval engenders a lower and upper limit for this mean.

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Confidence Level –

By using this system, a sample is being tested for obtaining a reasonable level of uniformity and repetition. When you opt for all possible samples from a particular population to work out a confidence interval, you have to gain 95% confidence level which is the true population meter considered by most of the researchers.

Confidence Limits–

Confidence Limits have the following mathematical expression:

U±t1-α/2, N-1ÖN

Here, U = sample mean, N = sample size, α = the desired significance level and t1-α/2, N-1 is the percentile of t-distribution.

From this formula, we get that,

  • If N increases, the interval narrows down for the value of Ö So, if one wants to get a further accurate estimate for mean, the sample size should be increased.
  • One another fact is, if the data has a large standard deviation, it will return wider intervals and vice versa.

It is used to meet the following queries:

  • Reasonable estimate for the mean
  • The amount of variability in the estimate of mean
  • Determination of the rise or fall of target value inside the confidence limit

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These statistical views are extremely important for any kind of observation. An almost accurate estimation retrieved from a large amount of data can be used for further works.

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