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What exactly is Confidence Intervals Based on the T Distribution?

It is the 95% confidence interval provided. But it is often considered to be not useful. It is then that T distribution is measured to find out the unknown population standard deviation.

95% confidence level interval – This means, 95% of the time the data will match the interval after repeating the calculation 95 times. This means you are almost certain, but still there are some probable or situational changes.

How can technology be used to find confidence interval?

This is the other major part that is covered by Confidence Intervals Based on the T Distribution assignment help which you can avail from 24x7assignmenthelp.com. Here are the ways that can avail technology to find the results –

  • Confidence level interval for mean in excel
  • TI 83: Two Populations
  • Confidence level for population proportion, p
  • How TI 83 can be used to find population proportion, p?
  • Confidence interval for TI 89
  • Mean for TI 89

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