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What are Confidence Intervals and Tests of Hypothesis?

The extreme close relation between and hypothesis testing.When there is a plausible chance that 95% of confidence intervals are marked then the parameter of the matter is considered based on that itself.

In simpler words, suppose you by red apples 95% of the time, then if someone has to guess which apples you buy, it will be red apples. This is also and hypothesis. Now there is a comparison that how many times the confidence and hypothesis will match. It comes with probability.

What is the subpart this includes?

  1. Analysis of theory
  2. Graphical representation
  3. Representation between theoretical representation of confidence and hypothesis
  4. Concepts of axis
  5. Significance of alpha

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What are the general problems faced by students in this?

Confidence Intervals and Tests of Hypothesis assignment help have analyzed that there are few major problems that almost 7/10 students face. Some of the major ones are –

  1. Can there be a negative number in confidence interval?
  2. What will happen when confidence interval is zero?
  3. Difference between confidence level and interval in statistics
  4. Relation between test, confidence, and hypothesis
  5. What are p-value and confidence level interval?

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