Perfect Competition Market: Know the Conditions That Are to Be Present for Its Success!

You wish to have a mobile phone, good that is for long term usage. Or maybe, you are demanding an ice cream that is a good to be used for a short period of time. In either case, there are multiple sellers in the market, who would provide you with that good. So, who would you choose?

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What is perfect competition?

In a market, where there are multiple sellers selling almost similar product within a set price range, this system is defined as perfect competition format. Hence, in this case, profit margin that is taken as a whole is decreased considerably, and therefore all the firms have the same profit range. Also, in case of buyers, they have the choice to pick up any brand or shop that they like without being in fear of getting cheated.

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Market conditions during this system:

There are certain specific market conditions that are to be maintained in this case.

  • There has to be more than a single seller in the market
  • Products are similar but should not be substitutesfor each other
  • Price range is to be determined by market forces

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