Computer Science Is Growing Relevance on an Accelerated Scale with Advancement of Technologies

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Though the question might seem like being too simple, there is a lot of effort required to answer the fact what computer science has made possible.

Computer science related jobs are quite versatile. There’s a lot of earning potential and its demand is always high. There are a lot of stuffs that happen today on a daily basis and are relevant today only because of computer science.

But one always does not get to hear about the altruistic end of this field. So, if it has been your hobby since childhood to leverage your passion of technologies, then computer science is going to be the most fruitful subject that you should necessary opts to bring about the changes. 

Societies would obliterate if technological advancements are hindered. Technology on itself is neither good nor bad, but it is solely dependent on the able young minds that put an effort to bring about the change in the society for its betterment. Computer science education benefits the society in the following ways.

  • With the help of this field of education, one can directly get linked with solving the problems on societal level such as unemployment, climate change, poverty and many more using many advanced technologies.
  • Compute scientists are being hired to execute many projects on societal level to help being about the necessary changes and meet the demands that arise in communities. Using the aid of technologies developed by scientists, many charities and business groups can contribute for the betterment of the society by donating on a regular basis. They can also be updated regularly can clearly have an idea about the existing condition of the community.
  • Software can be distributed without any problem freely to almost all the people especially due to an open source contributing system. Thus, it helps in truly empowering people. Thus, this software does not the work of leveling playing fields by allowing the society to benefit equally, build revenues and also solve business related problems.
  • If one needs to urgently connect with a client, the procedure might be very hectic and consume lot of time as well as money. This is when compute science makes the difference of a wider scale. In order to stay afloat, service providers who are in urgent need of extra cash can continue effectively without having to stop their ventures.
  • Compute science if utilized on a proper basis can act as an effective tool for rebalancing the needs of the society, be it gender equality, ethnicity, background or beyond. A coder is always recognized based on his/her work. No one will select you on the basis of your background. In this field the hard workers are always rewarded and hey receive proper recognition.
  • App Stores have made it sure to match all the requirements on an equal basis for all students. This is a positive step forward as the world of technological advancement is not limited on the basis of one’s caste, color or where they belong in society.
  • Healthcare is one of the highest priorities of the society if one is hoping for the betterment of people’s lives. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are subjects of the field of computer science that helps in accelerating and prepackaging thoughts.
  • Most of the disciplines which require an upgradation, this field of study definitely helps in brining about the changes on a positive side. Personalized medicines and genomics are among the few examples that come in mind when one talks about the benefits of technologies used in our society. With the advancement of these technologies, healthcare progress in our society has been improving day by day.
  • Genome sequencing which had previously been the power head of medicines coasted huge amount of dollars. But now with the aid of technology driven processes, the cost of these medicines has dropped down to an affordable limit.
  • The ease of accessing a wider field of educational resources has improved vastly with the advent of computer software’s and internet in the 21st century. Be it the need for online education or researching, sharing work and paper all of it can be easily achieved easily with the help of cloud facilities of storage.
  • Platforms for E-learning and applications have given new tools for solving problems. The field of online education has brought about radical change in the society, most of which are beneficial. Thus, this advancement has removed the barriers of locations and finances and leveled the society on a great extent.
  • Communication ahs become a lot easier and within one’s fingertip. The world has been a lot smaller and easily accessible in terms of resource, information and many more. People find it easier to communicate when in urgent need. Gone are those days of sending telegram of writing letters which would reach the destination after several days. Be it online cash transactions or conducting interviews, accessing key archives and a lot more are only possible nowadays with easy access to internet facilities and software advancements.
  • With the help of computer science studies, one can predict easily all possible graphs of increments or losses that might occur in the future. They can predict changes in climate, seasons, human behaviors, ocean comments and many more. Thus, it helps in taking precautionary steps when there is time to avoid the adversities.
  • With the help of the technologies in hand, one can also predict the possible incoming of tsunamis or outbreak of pathogens. Thus, most of the lifesaving works rely on computer scientists. Space missions, trajectories of comets, detailed study of geochemistry of the cosmos have all been possible due to the improved technologies.

Though it might not be hands on, computer science is often the key to providing digital protection to the family owned businesses, providing shelter to homeless by streamlining volunteer base and raising funds. Thus, the profession of computer scientist is quite noble in today’s world otherwise the world would come to a standstill. Computer science is second to none when it comes to benefiting the world around positively on a wider scale.

A survey was conducted for evaluate the scale of job expectations among student who opt for careers in computer science. The sole purpose of this study was to examine l, the relationships which exist between gender, job, computer science and job expectations.

Some of the main factors that were revealed in the study were that, the students generally have four expectations which include extrinsic expectations, intrinsic expectations (non-materialistic expectation), me oriented and few others. Non-materialistic expectations generally involve personal achievements and job satisfactions. Materialistic expectations involve monetary compensations, prestige and status.

The subsequent result of the analysis showed that the students with higher level of computer science education generally tend to be more inclined towards intrinsic expectations. One the other side, students with lower level of education tends to be inclined towards extrinsic expectations. Gender seems to have no effect on any of these expectations.

College students who have taken up this field of study are generally inclined towards getting the intrinsic benefits but with increasing experience, there has been a change in scale as if had cleared shifted to the extrinsic end. When it comes to the tutors, they seem to make no distinction and extrinsic and intrinsic expectations based on placement and job offers.

One thing that is always preferred for the students is to do their researches properly before jumping in a career which might lead them to nowhere. In between the need for paying bills and be the support system of your family, one must keep into consideration the possible additional careers which could be an easy replacement for the ones they are designated to at present.

If you have a hidden love for technologies and have ever thought of pursuing a computer science degree, keep in mind the following points.

  • Careers in computer science are expected to grow radically in the upcoming years. While in other fields, there might a big concern regarding the availability of jobs; in case of computer science these facts are never a cause of concern.
  • Today’s society will come to a standstill if there are no new technological advancement, thus there will always be job opportunities for computer science students. In order to stay relevant in today’s digital world, companies from almost every industrial sector are in search for the better technologies and software to stay up to date and on par with their rival groups.
  • Thus, there is an increasing need for hiring skilled technicians who would help in improving the infrastructure of the companies on a technological level. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that in between now and 2026, there will be as many as 500,000 new job opportunities for the computer specialists. Unless there is any sudden drastic change in the proceedings, a computer science degree will put you in high demand.
  • Salaries of computer scientist e almost double to many other sectors on a national level. A solid pay check is the grassroot of meeting family expenses. It helps in paying bills and supports one’s family. Thus, job satisfaction is complete package of ones love for their job and also getting paid a handsome salary at the end of the month as a reward to their hard work and dedication.
  • Once you have a proper degree in computer science, one doesn’t have to solely opt for jobs which are based on technological industry. This field has a wide perspective and one can use their experience to delve into other subsequent fields. Software tools are useful for all business groups.
  • The coders are specializing hired to create new application solely for the companies need. Thus, having a proper degree will help you to apply for jobs on diverse fields starting from forestry to logistics to finance. Thus, if your first job does not stand out to meet your expectations, you mustn’t remain stuck to one field only. There are multiple job openings which might be suitable for you. All you need to do is to conduct a proper research in the first place.
  • Many companies hire professional who are well equipped in many programming languages. Platforms such as JAVA, C++, Python, SQL and many more are essential for running many android, iOS, Windows application programs and creating new app.
  • Coders are hired to manage, create and debug the errors to ensure proper facilitating of these applications. Writing algorithms and running the programs without any error offers the programmers higher level of satisfaction compared to none.

Some list of commo fields that computer scientists can opt if they have a proper degree in computer science.

  • As a Software Application developer, programmers are hired to design and customize several computer applications. They’re required to modify the software and optimize the operational efficiency of the system by minimizing the errors.
  • One also has to evaluate the user needs and determine the feasibility of the software. The projected growth rate of jobs as software develops is nearly 30%, which is way above the rest.
  • As a computer system analyst, hired personnel are required to improve computer systems by analyzing the data processing issues. They need to develop a proper testing and designing procedure. Enhancing the compatibility for him system for easy sharing of the information are one of their primary objectives.
  • As web developers, personnel are required to design, write and edit web contents. They ae needed to identify and correct problems which are uncovered by testing web pages or from user feedbacks. Backing up of website files for quick recovery is relatively essential for this field.
  • As Network Systems Administrators, specialists are required to install and support the network system of an organization. They are required to examine proper functioning of the websites to ensure a smooth performance without any interruptions.

Database administrators are hired to administer and test computer databases. They are required to co-ordinate changes and correct errors in computer databases. They also need to apply security measure in order to safeguard information.

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