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What is computer engineering?

Computer engineering is a field of science and a division of engineering which develop computer software and hardware by combining the fields of computer science and electrical engineering.

What are the important divisions of computer engineering?

This field of engineering is divided into 2 major divisions. Those divisions are then again categorized into smaller divisions. But the 2 major divisions are:

  • Computer hardware engineering
  • Computer software engineering

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How does this topic help students?

If you want to know how computer science can help you both in your present and future, computer engineering assignment help service is your perfect answer. Via this topic, you come to know what engineers in this field usually do. Apart from that, you come to know what computer hardware usually includes. Some of those are:

  • Data storage devices like optical drives, solid state drives, and hard disks
  • Networking components like routers, modems, adapters,
  • Non-volatile rewritable flash memory, memory chips like ROM and RAM
  • Microprocessors
  • Input and output devices

Special areas of computer engineering

Few of the special areas of this field of engineering are as follows:

  • Computer networks, mobile computing, and distributed systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Computer vision and areas related to robotics
  • Signal, image, and speech processing
  • Integrated circuits, VLSI design, CAD, and testing
  • Communications and wireless networks
  • Coding, cryptography and information protection
  • Computational science and engineering
  • Operating systems and Compilers
  • Computer systems: architecture, parallel processing, and dependability

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