Get the Complete Knowledge of Computer-Aided Geometric Design

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What is CAGD?

CAGD is completely related to the different geometrical shapes that need a perfect graphical User Interface or GUI to understand the computer graphics, computational geometry, and discrete differential geometry. This can easily relate computer programming with geometry and for that a lot of requirements are there related to terms. Here each student must need to know about a lot of things related to a design as –

  • Creation
  • Modification
  • Analysis
  • Optimization

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What are the different types?

The main two parts are there as –

  • Parametric Modeling – This is important to create geometry and explains the shapes according to the design.
  • Explicit modeling or Direct – This part is used to edit geometry.

Both of the above types are different than each other and you must have to maintain the things in a proper way while using. So, be careful about each solution and which one is applicable in what kind of question is required to understand. You need to complete the program properly. For any confusion, you should go with Computer-aided geometric design Assignment Help as we are completely careful about that.

What are the different applications in this case?

  • Mathematical and geometrical foundation
  • Surface, curve and volume generation
  • Industrial, scientific and medical application

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