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The way the technology of computer is being used for design and design documentation is called computer aided design or CAD. Besides they do:

  • Manual drafting is been replaced by software.
  • You must have used 2D or 3D CAD if you are working in the fields of architecture, structural engineering areas.
  • It is also used to design electronic circuit boards and other devices in computer.

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The fields where CAD is being used:

  • In EDA or electronic design automation, is the field where CAD is used.
  • In MDA or mechanical design automation CAD is used in creating various technical drawings with the use of different types of computer software.

What are the CAD software used in designing?

  • It uses either vector graphics or raster graphics.
  • It includes a lot more than shapes.
  • The output of CAD must show the important information like dimensions, tolerances, materials and processes.

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The CAD may also be used in designing curves and figures in

  • 3 dimensional space or surfaces and curves and solids
  • 2 dimensional space

How is CAD used?

  • It is actually an industrial art.
  • It is widely used in various applications like shipbuilding, automotive, architectural design, aerospace industries, prosthetics etc.
  • It is also used to generate computer animation effects in movies and advertisements.
  • In modern times, even a lotion bottles and shampoo bottles are uniquely designed with technology.
  • Since it has gained tremendous economic prosperity so CAD has become a great place for research in computer graphics, computational geometry and also in differential geometry.

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