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What does computational biology mean?

Computational biology is a certain division of biology which includes application from various sections like mathematics, computer science, and statistics. Assistance from all of these helps in dealing with the various problems arising in biology. Computational biology utilizes different techniques and tools

Various subfields under it

Computational biology is no doubt an important subject with a vast field of numerous applications. Some of its important subfields are:

  • Computational evolutionary biology

This field is helpful in finding out the line evolution in biology.

  • Cancer computational biology

Future mutations leading to cancer is determined via this field.

  • Computational pharmacology

It deals with the effects of genomic or genetic data for finding out the link between genotypes and diseases. It is also helpful in screening drug data.

  • Computational biomodeling

It deals with building of computerized models related to biological system

  • Computational anatomy

It deals with anatomical form and shape

  • Computational neuroscience

It deals with the study of functioning of brain and the processing properties and structural makeup of nervous system

  • Computational genetics or computational genomics

This field is extremely helpful for studying of genomes or genetics of organisms and cells

These are few of the important subfields of computational biology whose description, analysis methods and every important detail are highlighted in our computational biology homework help manual.

Is there utilization of any software in computational biology?

Yes, open source software is highly useful in this field.

Reasons for open source software

There are mainly 4 reasons for using this open source software. Those are:

  • Faster implementation and development of projects
  • Reproducibility
  • Availability for long term
  • High quality without code errors

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Through our computational biology assignment help service, we provide you adetailed explanation of the other various aspect of this topic. Some of such aspects are:

  • Mathematical section in biology
  • Application of various computational tools
  • Theoretical and data analytical techniques
  • Social and behavioral systems
  • Problems associated with this subject and the various issues faced by biologists

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