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  1. The first problem is students fail to grasp the complete idea of GDP –

GDP or Gross Domestic Product is the calculation of total expenditure and income of a nation annually. In one word, it measures the economy of a country as a whole.

  1. What are the major components of GDP?

Out of the many components, the major ones are –personal consumption, expenditure of government, investment of business, net exports. It is important to understand the formula of for calculating these components.

Y = C + I + G + X

Here, Y signifies GDP, C signifies consumption, I signifies Investment, G signifies Government, X signifies Net exports. Once you avail our components of GDP in numbers 200x assignment help, we shall give you deeper insights into how to use this formula to generate accurate solutions.

  1. Students face problem with calculations

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  1. Lack of proper resources and guides is another cause

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