Common yet Major Problems Faced by Learners Before Examination

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Are your exam dates nearing? Have you just started with the syllabus? Are you unable to concentrate? Can’t wrap your head around the fact that exams are fast approaching? Well, it is only natural that you feel that way given how you haven’t even started to prepare for it. Exams are often declared to be stressful for the right reasons. It is all the more stressful if you are in college and when your entire career depends upon how much you score throughout the semester. The whole time is rather trying and can drive any student right on to the very edge. However, it is essential that you find out exactly what the problem is and try to fix it before you go on to declare it all hopeless.

What are the common problems faced by students before exams?

Exams and problems work together to create havoc in the lives of the students. It is only natural that you will encounter numerous problems right before your exams and feel that the universe is sending you signs that you should not study. Well, the universe doesn’t have so much of useless time to interfere in your affairs. It is just your mind creating excuses. So, listed below are some of these common but really big problems that hinder the learning process and makes the students go insane right before examinations.

‘Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.’

Exam stress

Exams without nay stress associated with it cannot be called an exam. Stress sis the biggest problem that ails most students. They either get so frustrated that they give up and stop studying or they start panicking excessively and go into hyper drive to start studying excessively. They stay up nights, poring over their books, high on caffeine, getting no sleep and feeling like they haven’t prepared enough. Well, you must have faced some of them?

The only solution for this is to stay calm, no matter how hard it is and do your best. Studying for hours without any sleep can be counterproductive so relax a bit, will you?

Lack of concentration

Concentration is important if you really want to learn what you are studying. Oftentimes, before the exams, because the students are hard pressed for time, they fail to grasp the meaning behind what they are studying, which is why they forget so easily what they learn. This is simply because of lack of concentration.  No amount of forcing your mind will allow you to concentrate better. The only way to resolve this is to start with the habit of studying a bit earlier.

Lack of motivation

Another trend which is most noticed among students is some are really laid back before examinations. They project as if they will pass out will flying colorswhen in reality they haven’t studied a single thing. Well, this is all because of lack of motivation. Because they lack the necessary motivation to keep them studying, they have the luxury to be so chilled and laid back about the exams.


Procrastination is a major problem with students, especially before the exams. Because the students have so much to do in such little time, they keep postponing it till the last moment. This really causes a lot of repercussions. It causes agreat amount of stress among students because they can’t enjoy other activities because they feel guilty about not studying and they can’t even relax.  They start picking on the load when it is too late to do anything about it and mess their exams.

Lack of organizational skills

Be it in high school or college; you will notice some students who can’t find anything at the right time. Lack of organizational skills poses a great threat to the learning process of a student, right before an exam. Students waste precious time looking for notes, stationary and other things among that huge mess that’s there in the room.  Also, the rightorganization is important as it allows the students to create a schedule which they adhere to strictly and manage time efficiently, in order to finish studying.

Inadequate amount of practice

Simply studying and practicing is another common mistake that is experienced by most students. It is essential to write and learn as a student as it helps you remember better. Also, practicing is inherently important for subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and so on.  It allows the students to understand the logistics of the subject better and as a result be far better on the subject.

Losing track of progress

Students oftentimes lose track of what they have studied and what they have yet to study amidst the exam confusion. This is common among students as their brains fail to keep track of the topics they have covered. A way to resolve this is to create a checklist. Just tick off all the topics you have covered and proceeded with the topics you are yet to finish off.


Studying for hours without any stimulant can proving to be rather boring to students. It is inevitable that you will get bored at a certain point and will try to divert your attention to some other things. Well, one way to avert such boredom is to come up with new techniques to study. You can also add in what you have learned into your daily, 5-minute conversations with your friends or family.

Inadequate amount of time

Inadequate amount of time is another problem faced by many students. Because the students have so much to do, they feel that they do not have the requisite amount of time to finish it off. There are two primary reasons for that, firstly, they start preparing late, and secondly, they fail to use their time management skills.

Inability to understand

Studying a new topic at the very last moment is something most students do. As a result, they fail to understand most of the things that they read and register a very little. It is all the more difficult if you have to study a subject which you really hate. The only way to resolve this is by starting with such subjects first.

Baseless cramming

Baseless cramming is another mistake thata maximumnumber of students commit and as a result face problems regarding that. Baseless cramming allows the students to remember very little as they do not read and understand the things they are studying.

Too many distractions

The presence of too many distractions proves to be the very downfall of students during exams. Students nowadays are very active on social media. They are acquainted with all form of socializing, online. So, instead of concentrating on the subjects, they spend hours on their phones or laptops, screening various pages and wasting valuable time.

Unavailability of requisite help

Oftentimes, because students are unable to understand certain portions of their syllabus, they yearn for help at the very last moment. During such times, most teachers are reluctant to help, and classmates do not exactly prove to be that useful. All they could do is leave out that particular portion. Well, one way to solve this is to turn to online educational websites that provide help to students at all times. Or, you can simply start preparing early.

In order to counter all these problems, you need to start preparing early and stop stressing about exams so much. Have faith in your own ability, and everything will turn out to be fine. Good luck!