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What is meant by combustion process?

It is known to be a chemical process where the substance usually reacts along with oxygen so that heat can be released and it is known to be combustion process. Therefore, fuel that reacts along with oxidizer will surely give out heat and will offer kinetic energy. This further would emphasize on combustion process. It is vital to know that engines can either be internal combustion engines or external combustion. They come with different applications and used in aircrafts, furnace, automobiles etc.

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Different types of combustion

Once you start seeking combustion homework help, you will be able to gain knowledge about different types of combustion:

  • Complete combustion:

It is known to be a combustion where the reactant would burn in presence of oxygen and will deliver a process of combustion. In case of this process, the quantity of oxygen is important as the hydro carbons will allow in burning and release in combustion. Any kind of element that gets burned in such combustion will definitely result in varied oxides.

  • Incomplete combustion:

It is completely opposite to that of complete combustion and the reaction will happen when the supply of oxygen is available in limited amount. Combustion assignment help will allow you understand that the resultant will be oxidant is unable to react completely with fuel.

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