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Now, let us address some of the important parts that you need to know about Coastal engineering.

What is coastal engineering?

This topic includes the study of the process which includes the coastline and building or construction on as well as around the area. It is a major part of civil engineering that determines the strength and durability of the newly builds. They also determine the probable effect of natural disaster and enhance resistance against all of it.

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What are the subjects related to this topic?

Along with civil engineering, there are some other subjects included in this, which are –

  • Marine Geology
  • Shore Ecology
  • Oceanography

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What are usual topic related problems faced by the students?

There are few problems faced by Coastal Engineering students while learning this topic. Those are –

  • How to predict the long-term shoreline change?
  • Calculate the slope variant of the area
  • Determining the correct breakwater design
  • What are shallow water directional spectra?
  • How to calculate estuarine, pollution transport and harbor hydrodynamics?

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