Learn the Importance of Co-Operative Movement in Agro-Product from Experts

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What do you mean by Co-operative in Agro-Product?

Agro-products or agricultural products are essential for the farmers so that they can easily grow their crops in farms by using the various resources. A co-operative society is important as this provides the requisite resources to all farmers and also different raw materials. Along with that connecting to the market and providing every requirement from the beginning to the end comes in this section. Providing credit for this is also an important part in Finance. Many things are important and these are issued by a cooperative society. Now, each farmer will enjoy doing farming.

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What is the importance of Co-Operative Movement in Agro-Product?

Securing income along with the food farming is an essential step. If the farmers get contacted with the market directly, then they will be in profit by earning a huge amount. The co-operative movement in the field of agriculture will increase the income of the farmers and so various local enterprises  are established to enhance the way of farming and to improve their financial condition. Reducing poverty is also an important part of this.

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What are the different types  of agricultural cooperative?

There are two different types of Agricultural Coperative

  • Supply cooperative – Supply for agricultural needs come in this section including seeds, fuel, machinery service and fertilizers.
  • Market Co-operative – This includes the other part of the agriculture as transportation, distribution, packaging and marketing.

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