Classification of Ratios – an Important Part of Ratio Analysis

The ratio is an important part of mathematics and is usedfor different purposes. It plays a significant role in the field of accounts and finance. It is widely used in other science subjects too.  In the field of business, ratio analysis is used mainly for evaluation of company’s status, fund, flow of cash, probability, efficiency, assets, etc.

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General classifications

Ratios are classified in different categories. For getting a clear concept about the topic you must know these classifications properly.

  1. Structural category

This category is divided into four subcategories, they are:

  • Ratio of debt to total fund
  • Ratio of total debt to equity
  • Ratio of net asset to funded debt
  • Ratiooflong-term debt total working capital.
  1. Category for liquidity

This part is divided into two different subcategories

  • Current ratio
  • Acid-test ratio or quick ratio
  1. Category for profitability ratio

The several divisions of this category are:

  • In sales and marketing
  • In investment
  • In income
  • In expenditure
  1. Category for turnover ratio

Four division of this category are:

  • Stock or inventory
  • Fixed assets and current assets
  • Net capital
  • Receivable or net collection period

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