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Understanding ledger: Decoding the details

As a newbie into the higher echelons of the subject, classifying the ledger may bring forth a certain set of difficulties. So, we start off with basic explanation.

Ledger is taken to be a summarized account of the amounts that are entered into journalswhich further lists down transactions on an individual note. A single transaction flows down into multiple ledgers before final accumulation is done. It is from here that company’s financial statements are generated.

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Classifying the various categories

As per the basic stratification, there is both creditor’s ledger as well as debtor’s ledger. If creditor’s ledger is to be explained, it will come down to a subsidiary ledger which has details regarding whom that company owes money.

While comparatively, when debtor’s ledger is checked, it includes monthly coverings from sales journals. For a company, it is important that a specific balance is maintained between these 2 columns and hence an external manual is required.

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