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What is cash flow?

In a financial or fiscal year, the total earning amount and the total expenditure cost of a firm istermed as cash flow.

What are the classifications of cash flow?

There are many classifications that are associated with various methodologies which are utilized in reporting operating activities. We, in our classification of cash flows assignment help service, have provided all those classifications which give you clarity of its concept. Few of the classifications are as follows:

  • Financing activities

It involves in fund collection from creditors and amount repayment to borrowers.

  • Investing activities

Every long term investment activities of a company come under this activity.

  • Operating activities

This deals with all the activities which help an organization to generate revenue or income.

Why areclassifications of cash flow important?

All of these cash flow classifications give you an idea regarding the involvement of funds in a firm’s expenses and its yield in totality. It also helps you to get the understanding about its application in actual business scenarios.

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