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What does classification of accountsmean?

There are numerous transactions which take place on a daily basis in business. With the help of classification of accounts, a company can maintain records of all those transactions. Information regarding,

  • Credit and debit of a company
  • Equities
  • Asset
  • Equityholder and much more can be kept in organized form.

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Why are different accounts required?

Every company hires efficient accountants for themselves who can keep records of all their business transactions. These accountants make sure that all transaction details are noted in thebook of accounts. Wages of employees, funds used in business dealings, extra expenses, debt amount; these are few type of expenditures which cannot be merged with each other.

So, every type of transactions cannot be recorded in one book of accounts.Therefore, the requirement of so many different accounts. This is just one of the many reasons related to the requirement of various accounts. You will find more of such reasons are relayed in our classification of accounts homework help service.

What are the various types of accounts?

As per classification of accounts, there are mainly 3 types of accounts.

  • Nominal accounts
  • Real accounts
  • Personal accounts

These accounts then are again divided into more sub-divisions. In case of personal accounts, this accountis divided into 3 more categories. These are:

Personal accounts

  1. Artificial person’s account
  2. Actual or natural person’s account
  3. Representative person’s account

Again under representative person’s account, you will find another subdivision.

Representative person’s account

  1. Advance expense account
  2. Advance income account
  3. Outstanding expense account
  4. Outstandingincome account

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