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Like in case of any subject, if you are having troubles about cash flow statements, first you need to ask yourself:Do I at least know what it is exactly? In case the answer is No, let us introduce you to it. Cash flow statements are financial statementsthat show how changes in balance sheets, accounts and incomes affect cash and cash equivalents, and then analysesthe operation, investment and financing activities of the firm or agency concerned. Our Classification for Statement of Cash Flow assignment help refers to help regarding all of these concepts.


First a student must know about which agencies or financial elements are most interested in statements of cash flows. In other words, to whom such statement is useful. The concerned parties are:

  • Accountants and related officials, who need to know whether their organization iscapable to cover all payrolls and other immediate expenses that it has.
  • Potential moneylenders or creditors, who want to get a clear picture of the concernedagency’s ability to repay, if they lend them on credit.
  • Potential investors, who need to first check whether the agency where they are about to invest is financially sound and they will get some returns from it.
  • Potential workers or contractors, who need to know whether the organisation will be able to managetheir wages and compensations
  • Stockholders of the business who remain concerned about their shares.

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Again, there are mainly three classifications of cash flows statements. They are statements of:

  • Financing activities
  • Operating activities
  • Investing activities

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