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Biology encompasses the phenomena of living organisms. Each living organisms are different from one another because the chromosomes embedded in their cells.A chromosome is a part of DNA which possesses all the genetic characters of a living body which helps in heredity.

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Some discourse of this theory

Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance is also known as Boveri-Sutton Chromosome theory. It is an elementary theory of genetics that proves chromosomes are responsible for heredity. It aptly explains Mendel’s inheritance laws.

The theory came before the world in 1902. Mendelian experiments proved the propagation of inheritance of a character and they were pioneer experiments in the field of genetics. The role that chromo some plays in reproduction was unknown till then.

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Boveri’s experiment on sea urchins proved that all the chromosomes have to be introduced for appropriate “embryonic development”. Sutton’s study with the grasshoppers showed that homologous non-sister chromatids derived from paternal and maternal body segregates during meiosis and may follow the “Mendelian Law of independent assortment”.

The findings thus reveal that chromosome is the factor that is responsible for heredity, mutation, variety and evolution process observed in living beings.

Salient features regarding Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance

  1. Sperm cell from the paternal body and anegg cell from the maternal body should possess all the hereditary characters for linkage.
  2. Both Sperm and egg cells contribute equally in heredity. So, it is clear that nuclear materials are the controllers of chromosomal inheritance.
  3. A gamete contains only one trait. After fertilization, the two sets of chromosome recombine to form a new organism.
  4. During cell division, homologous chromosomes undergo meiosis process and then segregate to make a new gamete.
  5. Loss of some chromosomal segment can produce genetic abnormality in the organism. Genetic inheritance can be determined by chromosomal types.
  6. Scientific study reveals that DNA in eukaryotes and RNA in prokaryotes carry the genetic components, and the Mendelian factors are also found in them.

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