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From the birth of a human being, he has to undergo a continuous process of change. These changes are related to physical, mental, emotional and social states. This perpetual process has a distinctive course for each child. Genetic and environmental factors – both are responsible for this development process.

In Child and Adolescent Assignment Help, you will be able to know the discourse of biologists and psychologists in this regard. They defined various stages; naturally, there are many differences between them. According to most of them, those are Infancy (0-5 years), Childhood (5-12years), Adolescence (12-18 years) and Maturity (18-the rest of life).

From Childhood to Adolescence – a discussion

The growth and development process of a child is one of the most cardinal spheres in biology. So an understanding the theories connected to it is necessary.

Infancy is the first or primitive stage of life. After the birth, primarily a child expresses everything by crying.

But gradually, he learns to make particular sounds and expressions for different situations. By the age of two years, a child learns to utter some words to express him. Inquisitiveness is a particular trait, which is high among the children.

Many of the biologists consider the age of 3-5 as “early childhood”. Muscle outgrowth helps in the motor development.

Intellectual and emotional maturity is important in this stage. Learning process starts from this age. Sentiment in respect of concrete particular object, sympathy, and cooperation are some features those are observed amongst them.

Considering the organic, psychological and social needs of a child, parents should be aware of their construction of habits. Pre–school education of them can be started with Deductive apparatus.

In the later phase of childhood, (9-12 years) physical and mental growth observed in a girl is more evident than a boy. The span of attention, reasoning and judgmental power, perception about an incident grows in this age. They love to be with their friends or in a group.

It is the early phase, so both parents and teachers should take care of their physical and mental health. Take our Child and Adolescent Assignment Help to understand everything in detail!

The most important part of human life is adolescence.  The word adolescence derives from the Latin word ‘adolescere’ which means “to grow into maturity”. It is also named as “stage of storm and stresses”.

Both biologically and cognitively; it is the age of transition and with the onset of puberty, major physical and mental transitions come in a rush. The capacity of abstract thinking grows and interests are directed to logical thinking. Anxiety, complex, inferiority feelings are observed in adolescents.

Among the needs of adolescence, heterosexuality, need for freedom, need for social participation and approval etc. are very common. The self-confidence of the adolescents sometimes leads them to pursue adventurous tasks.

Adolescence is the age of “strain and strife”; to deal with it is very critical. Parents should be careful about their habits, addictions and social behavior.

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