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Chi-square statistics are used to measure the homogeneity of a group. It tallies between two independent groups or categories. In the chi-square test, the square of observed and expected frequency is divided by expected frequency.

The Chi-square formula is –

cc2= S  (Oi – Ei)2


‘K’ is the constant here.

There are three types of Chi-square calculation according to the data provided. They are:

  • Contingency Table
  • Goodness of Fit
  • Test of Independence

In Chi-Squared Statistics Homework Help, you can observe that there are two categorical variables the calculation deal with. One is numerical and the other is non-numerical. A high value in this test marks there is a high relation between two data sets.

Before working on Chi-squared statistics, you have to convert all the given percentage, ratios and means to numerical values.

Importance of Chi-Square Statistics

Suppose that, a Health drink company has published a report on the growth rate of two groups of children. Health drink is provided to one group only. Here, a difference occurs and that is measured by Chi-square test.

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Chi-square test permits us to examine ascertained and expected frequencies. All the collected observations should be independent of one another to get a desirable result. One should also work with exclusive category and a comprehensive list of categories.

It has the following applications in statistics.

  • Testing the hypothetical value
  • Testing homogeneity, goodness of fit and contingency
  • Combining various results to get an ultimate outcome

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