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Finance is the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets. It is concerned with resource management of an enterprise. It also deals with the credit and capital of a company.

To run a business successfully, finance management needs to follow some particular models. Chen Model is one of them which describe the development of interest rates through mathematical calculations. It is also called a “short rate model”. You can also have detailed explanation through Chen Model Assignment Help.

What is Chen Model?

It can be described as “stochastic volatility model”. It is first narrated by Lie Chen, an eminent finance economist in 1996. The pace of ups and downs in interest rates is explicitly stated by the stochastic model.

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The following equation represents the Chen Model:

drt= (q– αt) dt + ÖrtsdWt,

t= (Ϛt – αt)dt + ÖαtstdWt,

ds= (βt – st)dt + ÖsthtdWt

Different versions of Chen Models are followed in financial studies institutions.

Importance of study about Models of Finance Management

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