Chemical Technology Understood with Facts from Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Technology made easy

The field that deals with providing technological assistance to chemistry related facets is termed as chemical technology. The technologists may choose to work independently or under supervision. They are the ones who participate in the actual design of experiments. In most cases chemical technology is used to interpret the experimental data as well.


It is the study of organic and inorganic chemistry with applied technological sciences. Chemical technology comprises all knowledge that enables the industrial utilization of its reactions. It is responsible for producing raw materials for building cars, houses etc.


It involves working within the chemical industry and outside of it. This technology plays a vital role in a variety of industries by working with chemists and certain engineers. It deals with cost effectiveness of various processes carried out. The various areas of application are: –

  • Energy production
  • Food industry
  • Water technology
  • Metallurgy
  • Corrosion control
  • Building materials
  • Energy production

However, the industrial uses are: –

  • Paper and packing
  • Silicates
  • Polymer and rubber
  • Fertilizers, detergents, cosmetics and other such related consumer products
  • Coal industry
  • Hydro carbons


The various features of this field of science are: –

  • Expensive leading variable
  • Dealing with extensive no of variable
  • Costly and large equipment
  • Decisive organization

Chemical technicians

There are basically two types of these technologists: –

  • Laboratory technician

They operate standard lab equipment and conduct various processes right from simple routine work to complex procedures.

  • Process technician

These are in charge of performing various tests and experiments for quality, performance and composition

A typical work day of a Chemical technologist will comprise of setting up apparatus for checking reactions, devising and troubleshooting syntheses, managing database, ensuring all regulations are met, and assisting other engineers with running experiments.

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