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In this modern age there is no sense in putting pencil to paper. With the advent of unthinkable technology, chemical engineering has taken new heights. There is no more need of baseless activities and observations. Technology has also helped a lot in surpassing wastage and repetition.

Chemical simulation is a very important sector in chemical engineering. As a student you could have faced many situations in which you wanted chemical process simulation homework help.

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Below is an insight into the gizmo world of simulation.

What is it?

Process simulation can be used for design, analysis and development of technical processes that belongs to environmental systems, chemical processes, biological processes, etc.

It is the modern based representation of technical and unit operations in the mode of software. The software uses flow diagrams and connected by product or stream. The goal is to deal with optimal conditions for unit operations for an examined procedure. It takes an iterative to solve an optimization problem. Through chemical process simulation assignment help from us, you will be able to make your assignment copy a distinct one from rest of the students in your class.

List of Chemical Process Simulators

These are some of the important softwares are used to stimulate material and energy balances of a chemical processing plant: –

  • Advanced Simulation Library
  • Aspen Plus
  • Assett
  • Batch reactor
  • Chemcad
  • EMSO
  • ITHACA and many more


The chief usage of a process simulation is for

  • Interpreting flowsheets
  • Locating malfunctions
  • Predicting the performance of process


To perform a process simulation using a simulator the first step is to convert the process flowsheet to a simulation flowsheet. Process flowsheets are the language of chemical processes. They describe both existing and hypothetical situation in sufficient detail to convey the essential features.

A simulation flowsheet is a collection of units to represent a computer program that represents the flow of units across the simulation units.

By converting the process flowsheet to a simulation flowsheet, the process units are replaced with the simulation units. After this, a sub routine needs to be written for each unit. The equations as a result are modeled and then solved. Don’t you want to have such kind of explanation in your assignments? Contact us and avail chemical process simulation assignment help.


Not using the old hit and trial error method for every chemical process is the biggest advantage of process simulation. However, below are few more: –

  • Accuracy of result
  • Fast and efficient
  • Time and money saver
  • Ease in changing design conditions
  • Quick multiple runs depending on processor speed
  • Process design optimization

These are few of the basics of Chemical Process Simulation. As a concept, this is a vast field with various topics and sub-topics. However, as a student you might be interested in only what is asked in your assignment. has been delivering original, cost efficient and easy to understand content globally. If you are looking for chemical process simulation homework help, you know who to call. We are the experts in helping students with their education needs.