An Easy Explanation to Chemical Process Modeling from Experts

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What is Chemical Process Modeling?

This is a technique used in chemical engineering design which is based on computer modeling. It involves purpose-built software which then defines a system the works on interconnected components. These components are solved to predict steady or dynamic behavior of the system.

Chemical process modeling simulation can be as simple as the mixing of two substances in a tank to complexity of an alumina refinery. In every scenario technology is a core component.


The use of modeling plays a vital role in achieving an integral approach to process design. Chemical process modeling explores modeling and simulation approaches for solving equations. It aids in the development, integration and optimization of industrial processes. The technique is very useful in chemical engineering process design. Use all these information in your assignment through chemical process modeling assignment help.


It uses the help of technology to determine the behavior of a system.The basic benefit lies in stating whether a system is steady state or of a dynamic behavior. The use of chemical process modeling saves time and money. The fact that the behavior of various compounds can be analyzed beforehand, helps cut down on wasteful tasks. This practice is most useful with: –

  • Troubleshooting
  • Design
  • Revamping
  • Control

Process Flow Diagram

A flow diagram indicates the general flow of the plant processes. This flow diagram displays a relationship between all major equipment of the plant facility. However, the limitations of this diagram are that it does not show any minor details that include piping details, etc. A PFD is also called a flow sheet.

A typical flow diagram includes: –

  • piping
  • Connections with other major systems
  • Major equipment items
  • Process stream names
  • Control valves and other major valves

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