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Chemical Engineering is that branch of engineering that concerns with the design, operation, maintenance and manufacture of any plant and machinery used in industrial chemical processes.

Why you should study chemical engineering?

  • You acquire a variety of skill sets

You need to have technical knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, materials science, information technology, economics, management, safety regulations and the environment. So as you can see, the skill set you acquire is huge.

  • Chemical engineers have a lot of demand in the job market

Because of the large skill set acquired, they automatically are in much demand in both large and small sectors. Surveys show that chemical engineers earn more on average than any other engineer

  • There are great career opportunities

Chemical engineers are required for almost all major sectors be it food, oil and petrochemicals or environment

  • Chemical engineers can make a difference in the world

Because they are needed in almost every sector, most items used by people, needed chemical engineers to produce them.

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