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Cash book with discount column:

  1. What is a cash book?

The book which records all cash transactions according to the date they were made is called a ‘cash book’.

  1. What is a cash discount?

Cash discount is that which is given to customers as an enticement to clear their accounts promptly.  The body which is offering it will accept a lesser sum in full settlement, provided payment is cleared within the given timeframe.

  1. What is a two column cash book?

A double column cash book or two column cash book has two separate columns both on the debit side and credit side to record cash and discount. In many places it is customary for the trader to permit or to receive small discount against dues. These allowances are only for prompt settlements.

To evade pointless postings separate columns in the cash book have been introduced to note both discounts received and given. The discount column on the debit side of records discounts allowed and the one on the credit side, discounts received.

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  • Effects of granting cash discounts
  • Posting

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