Check Here Some Definitive Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Have Homework

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Homework has been a part of the lives of students for so long that even the idea of not doing- it seems incredibly surreal and somewhat impossible. However, if you stop to think about it, you will realize that homework isn’t as necessary as it might seem. There are many reasons why we shouldn’t have homework at all. You might have trouble believing that but there are a few arguments that might convince you.

The conventional misconception of homework being good for students

People have a misconception that homework makes better students, although that is not at all true. The conventional belief is that homework is extremely beneficial for students and is an absolute must for each and every student.

We like to believe that all of it makes perfect sense because it is quite well tested. Besides, homework is being given to students all over the world. Why should we question something that has been going on for ages? It seems like an absurd thing to do but several aspects of this conventional belief are questionable.

Reasons why students shouldn’t have homework

Homework is a part of every student’s life. But is extremely necessary for it to be so? Although online homework help services are available to assist students with homework and assignments, wouldn’t it be better if homework weren’t given at all? Online assistance will get your homework done quickly so you have more time for other activities.

Without any further ado, here are a few reasons why we shouldn’t have homework:

  • Children already have a hectic life with approximately seven hours of school every day. On top of that, they have extracurricular activities, supplementary classes and tutoring to attend. Such is the busy schedule of every student’s life.
  • As such, any student can be under a lot of stress and homework doesn’t do anything to improve the situation. Children need time to relax and destress themselves. Otherwise, they might as well end up hating school and studying in general. If homework is not given to them, they get that extra time which they use in relaxing or even in other activities.
  • Students should spend more time with their family. It is common nowadays to find a student who’s both parents work. With a hectic life of both the student and their parents, there is hardly any family time for the student. If the student is loaded with homework, they don’t get any time whatsoever to bond with their family.
  • Even during the holiday, when they are supposed to be with their families, they get homework which needs to be completed over break. “Can teachers give homework over break? A Qualitative Analysis