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Management Accounting is the process of preparing financial data and management reports that can provide financial and statistical information and advice to a company to use for its business development.

Management accounting generates monthly or weekly reports for an organization’s managers; unlike financial accounting, which produces annual reports mainly for external stakeholders. These reports focus on the amount of cash available, orders in hand, inventory, sales revenue, debit and credit status. It could sometimes include trend charts, variance analysis, and other statistics.

Characteristics of management accounting

  1. Analysis, modification and interpretation of data:

The accounting data is used to analyze and interpret tellingly to help with an organization’s effective planning and decision-making. Analytical tools like comparative financial statements, common-size statements, trend percentages, etc are used to project likely trends.

Management accounting often amends available accounting data by rearranging it, or by employing a method of classification and combination, which help retain the similarities of data without removing the dissimilarities.

  1. Provider of data, not decision:

Management decides on how the available data and information will be utilized to resolve any business issues through taking effective decisions. Management accounting provides only with that data.

  1. Facilitates management control:

Management accounting ensures that all accounting efforts are directed towards the goals set by the management by efficiently controlling the operations of the company more effectively. Standard costing and budgetary control systems play an integral role in this.

  1. Increase in Efficiency:

It helps in increasing the efficiency of an organization by finding any error and removing it through management accounting techniques like standard costing, budgetary control, control accounting, etc.

  1. Emphasis on Future:

Management accounting tries to highlight on what the ideal situation should be. It means that by preparing this account any organization should ideally be able to forecast its future on the basis available information in relating the past events.

  1. Help in achieving objectives:

Management accounting essentially assists an organization in achieving its financial targets and goals. It fixes a standard for all business activities on the basis of historical information. Actual performance is also recorded and used to compare with the standard set. If there are any deviations, corrective measures are taken by the management to help achieve the objectives of the organization.

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