Trying to Grasp the Concept of Changes in the Exchange Rate? Look No Further!

Understanding exchange rates is very important if you’re a student of either economics or finance. It is an essential part of your curriculum while studying global markets. It is simply the value in which currency of one country can be traded for another country’s currency.

Changes in the exchange rate determine the value of a currency in the global market and therefore it is an extremely important topic to study. It is important because:

  1. They represent a cost to those companies whose mode of financial transaction includes payment in foreign currency
  2. Exchange rate changes are risky business for those who hold assets in foreign currency.
  3. Exchange rates play a major role on the price of exports, which is responsible for creating aggregate demand; and on the cost of imports.

In this paper students usually learn the methods in which currency values are set, the role supply and demand plays in it and how fluctuation in currency value can majorly influence international trade.

Types of exchange rate:

  • A spot exchange rate is an exchange rate for an immediate delivery of currencies. It represents the price buyers pay in one currency in order to buy a second currency.
  • A forward rate is applicable to any financial transaction that will take place in the future. It may also refer to the rate fixed for a future financial obligation.
  • Real exchange rategives an idea of what the value of goods and services in the domestic country would be in lieu of the goods and services in a foreign country.

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