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What is central Bank?

It is an apex institution in the banking industry of any country. There is only one central bank in every country.  It is the help of the financial structure of the nation.  Generally, it is a public undertaking. Central bank of the country is responsible for maintaining the growth of the economy by using the credit control measure within the economy. This bank plays a major role in improving the financial growth of the economy.

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Functions of central banks

Central bank carried out various functions. Some of its functions are described as follows:

  • Issue of currency
  • Regulating monetary policy
  • Banker of the commercial banks in the country
  • Act as the lender of the last resort
  • Custodian of the foreign reserves
  • Credit control

These are some major functions performed by central banks in the country. Other functions which are carried out by the central banks include credit control and settlement of the clearances between the commercial banks of the country. It also gives license to the financial institutions to operate as the banks.