Learn About Consensus and Its Implications for Your Success

Population census is defined as a regular counting of number of men, women and children in a country by government for the purpose of economic planning and development. The calculation is done on the basis of age, sex, occupational and geographical distribution of the population.

By using the figures obtained from population census, economic growth, planning and development of the country can be easily carried out. Every nation conducts the census at a particular period. However, normally it is calculated after every 10 years. Get your Censuses assignment help from the website 24x7assignmenthelp.com to additional benefits.

Importance of Population Census

It is very important for the country to know its population so that the ruling government can provide the best facilities to the population. Census is done to determine:

  • Population Density
  • Number of labor in a country
  • Population census helps the government to know the total number of people in the country
  • On the basis of knowledge of the population, national income of a country can be determined and can be distributed equitably
  • Government of the country is able to plan an effective and well structured educational system for its countrymen
  • Knowledge of population also helps in effective distribution of natural resources

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Methods of calculating censuses

Two most common methods used for calculating censuses of a country include De Facto Method of Census and De Jure Method of Census.

  • De Facto Method:

In this method of calculating census, Census Commission fixes a date for conducting the census throughout the country to calculate the population. It is time saving method because the entire calculation work is done within a night.

  • De Jure Method of Census:

It is the method in which the enumeration period of two or three weeks is fixed for calculating census. People, who reside temporarily at a place, are not included in this type of census method while those who reside permanently at a place are counted in it.

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