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What is Cash Flow?
In economic and financial terms, cash flow is the movement of cash or money into or out of a business project or financial product. Cash flow is generally calculated for a given period of time or a specified time. This measure can be used to calculate and determine other parameters that affect a company’s situation and value. Here are some of the parameters where measurement of cash flow can be used to determine them.

  • It can be used to calculate the rate of return for a business project. This includes determining internal rate of return and net present value.
  • It can also be used to derive the problems associated with liquidity of a business entity.
  • Measurement of cash flow can also be used in evaluating the quality of Income generated by accrual accounting.
  • It is also used to calculate the risks associated with a financial product.

So, as you see, cash flow is really important that guides a lot of factors of development of a firm or organisation. If not evaluated correctly, the business entity can get washed away by the high competition among other likewise companies in the recent market.

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