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About Cartels:

  • A cartel is an organisation.
  • It is formed by a formal agreement between groups of producers of a service.
  • It regulates supply in an effort to manipulate prices.
  • In a cartel, a group of producers work together to protect their interests.
  • Cartels can fix prices for members.
  • The cartel is formed to avoid competition on prices.
  • Also known as price rings.

Cartels have negative effects on consumers too. The effects are:

  • Higher prices: Members of the cartel can decide to raise the prices. This reduces the elasticity of demand for a single member.
  • Lack of transparency: Members may hide the prices or hide the information.
  • Restricted output: Outputs may be limited in the markets.
  • Carving up a market: Cartel members may agree to break up a market into regions and not compete in each other’s territory.

Cartels homework help from teaches us when cartels are more potent?

  • They are most powerful when there are high barriers to entry into the market or industry.
  • When all members can be ‘policed’ by a dominant member.

How the concept of cartels emerged?

  • It is formal agreement achieved by the competing firms who are producing the same product.
  • It is done to control the prices associated with the products.
  • The firms can easily control the whole production and transaction process.
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