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What is Capital Markets?

It’s a market for securities which includes debt and equity for the government and the corporates to raise long term and short term funds followed by major players like households, foreign investors, bankers, insurers and Fund Managers.

Capital market instruments which are traded for profits are:

  • Corporate Equities
  • Fund Shares
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Agency Securities and Mortgages
  • Treasuries and Open Market
  • Municipal Securities

Types of Capital Markets

  • Primary Markets:

Primary markets are those where new stocks or shares are invested against investors and general public. Under primary markets, the underwriting is performed when the shares are initially bought by the investors.

  • Secondary Markets:

Under secondary markets, the existing shares or stocks are traded (buy and sell) among the investors or brokers.

When the initial offering is requested by an investor of any stock or share, it falls under the category of primary markets. After the initial offering, the subsequent trading is then followed in the secondary markets.

Investment in the capital market is crucial for raising money for the business, profit sharing, corporate governance and many other major roles in corporate as well as government.

List of major stock exchange globally:

  1. NYSE (New York)
  2. TSE (Tokyo)
  4. Euronext
  5. LSE
  6. Hong Kong SE
  7. Shanghai SE
  8. NSE and BSE (of India)

And so on….

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