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Sometimes while making the budget for the expenditure of the corporate, it is mandatory to follow the regulations of the budget and control the same under a proper format.

Objective of capital expenditure control

  • Be updated with the estimate of the capital expenditure in order to make sure that the cash outflow is within the parameters of the financial resources
  • Ensuring timely inflow for the projects in order to sustain the quality of implementation even under un-availability of the funds
  • Proper sanction of capital expenditure
  • Coordinating project with different departments
  • Prioritizing the project need and resources
  • Comparing the periodic capital expenditure budget and controlling the same if not appropriate
  • Avoiding over expansion and unnecessary recourse needs
  • Measuring the project performance

Steps to control the capital expenditure:

  • It is important to keep a record of the capital expenditure and control the step with every step followed and verified to the expected level:
  • Preparing capital expenditure budget
  • Authorizing capital expenditure
  • Controlling and recording the capital expenditure
  • Evaluating the project performance

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