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What is capital in financial term?

Capital is a term that is used in a financial and economic terminal as a measurement of capital or funds which are used by the entrepreneurs and businesses in global market.

What are major sources of capital?

·         Capital market:

Long term is sourced under capital markets that are bought and sold under shares, debentures, long-terms loans, reserve funds and euro funds

·         Money Market:

Money market is generally termed under the short-term savings to lend under the format of short-term loans which includes commercial paper, bank overdraft, loans, exchange bills, open account credit and so on.

Difference between fixed and working capital

Fixed capital involved the funds that a corporate or individuals uses to purchase a permanent asset that will remain in the business and will help with profit building

Where as

Working capital is a category where the money is used to run the business. Paying expenses, financial credits and investing in stock market are the major exemplars of working capital.

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