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Capital asset pricing model: Definition

Capital asset pricing model in finance is a model that helps in detecting the relationship between the systematic risks involved with the expected returns of the assets invested by the investor.

Investors with their money traded in risky securities; such a model helps in analyzing the risk and potential profits involved in such trades along with the calculation of costs of capital.

Modified formula of CAPM:

E ( Ri ) = Rf + β ( RPm ) + RPs + RPu


E ( Ri ) is return on security i requirement

Rfis a risk free rate

RPmis market risk premium in general

RPs is small size risk premium

RPuis risk premium because of company specific risk factor.

What are the assumptions of CAPM model?

This model aim to maximize the economic utilities with fixed and given asset quantities

  • Investors are risk averse and rational
  • Investors has to be risk takers
  • The assets of the investors are liquid and divisible
  • The expectations of the Investors must be homogenous

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