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In the study of thermal physics or thermodynamics, capacity ratio is related to calculating the ratio of the heat capacity at a constant pressure, by keeping the volume constant.

What is Capacity Ratio?

Capacity ratio is termed as Heat Capacity ratio, or is also called as ratio of specific heats or Poisson constant. The formula for calculating the heat capacity ratio is:

Heat capacity at constant pressure / heat capacity of constant pressure

Ways of explaining capacity ratio

Capacity ratio can be explained in two different ways, i.e.,

  • Ideal gas relation- basically, for an ideal gas, the heat capacity is going to remain constant with temperature.
  • Real gas relation- in real gas relation, the heat capacity changes according to the temperature, but stills has a difference from each other.

Heat capacity ratio has many practical uses, such as, designing of the components, and determining the overall performance of the compressors.

Generally, engineers are asked to evaluate the performance of the compressor by utilizing the old methods of head, power and discharge temperature.

But these equations will not generally give the expected results, but will help in giving useful results which can help in predicting and solving many problems, and can also examine the long-term trend analysis.

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