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What is capacity management?

Capacity management is a term used in business language to ensure the process used in managing the information technology requirement of the business.

It is important to keep a keen eye on the information technology need in the office which shall result into right sized IT resources in the office. Fulfilling such needs will help meeting the current and future requirement of resources in the business under the cost effective planning and expectation.

Why is it beneficial?

The capacity management is concerned with the following point that benefits the IT need and flow in the business premises:

  • Monitoring the load on a server and property
  • If any new releases on the capacity, analyzing the performance of the same
  • Tuning of the performance of the activities to make sure of the efficient and smooth use of the infrastructure
  • Understanding and fulfilling the demand of any service required for the future benefit of the business
  • Studying the influence for computing resources on the demand
  • Managing the capacity planning of computer hardware, software and storage without interrupting the work flow and infrastructure need in the office premises

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