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Definition of capacitance

Capacitance is that part of physics which explains the capacity of the storage of an electric charge in a body. In other words, any object or body that has the ability of storing an electric charge is known as capacitance.

Electrical components in Capacitance

Capacitance is technically closely related with the following two concepts, i.e., self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance, and to understand both these concepts, it becomes important to understand the three main electrical components, i.e., capacitor, resistors and inductors.

  • Capacitors-

It is one of those electrical components which stores electrical energy in an electric field. The electrical storage through capacitors highly depends on the size and shape of the conductors. Capacitors are designed specifically enhance the storage effects for various practical applications.

  • Resistors-

Resistors are the other kind of electrical components where the electrical circuits or transmissions are controlled. In other words, resistors can reduce the flow of electric, can be used to adjust signal levels, and can even terminate the transmission lines.

  • Inductors-

Inductors can be explained as the process of storing an electrical energy in a magnetic field when that energy is in a flow. This inductor consists of an electrical conductor, e.g., a wire, which is covered by a coil.

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