Can TV and Computer Games Maximize Homework Skills?

11 Jun Can TV and Computer Games Maximize Homework Skills?

Homework plays a significant role in student’s life.The primary responsibility in a student’s life is studying and an integral part of it is their homework. Homework is the first step and indispensable for all students to make their concept of learning bolder.

If a student is just taught about some ideas and concepts, their learning can never be fulfilled. That student will not know what is the use of those concepts or what should they do after learning that. Our homework gives us a glimpse of the applicability of our learning and how to use our ideas in proper situations. In brief, it shows us what our job is after learning something.

At the beginning

Homework improves your writing skills, solving abilities, strengthens your concepts and ideas, prepares you for the exams and of course helps you to be ready to face challenges later in your career. It is crucial that the students carry out their assignments seriously and sincerely as it is very important for their academic careers.

Your academics are mostly depends on the quality homework, and for doing a quality homework students required some extra skills, moreover in this era people need to be more faster, technical, sensitive, rational  and intelligent for critical thinking. Only study is not enough to adapt all these life making skills. Media and different modern gaming gadgets may help students to adapt these skills

I believe you all know that television is the most popular media and computer game and video game is the best-selling gaming gadget nowadays.I am sure, after few hours of learning seriously when your kids say –

  • “Mom, can I watch my favorite T.V show just for half an hour?”
  • “Dad I have almost completed my homework. Can I have a brake for thirty minutes to play my new video game?”

I am sure in most of the cases the answer is “No dear, first complete your homework.”  This is a big mistake, please do not refrain them every time. This half an hour breaks, favorite T.V show, and video game can do an amazing.

  • These refresh your kid’s mindto take more work load.
  • Boost up their energy level to face more challenges.

These have some more positive side that enhance your kid’s life making skills hence, maximize their working ability.  My dear parents, few tips are given below for your awareness.

Advantages of watching television

  • Educational program

Television serves many educational programs for the students such as – National geography, Discovery, Backyard Science etc. These programs enhance student’s overall brain and mental growth.

  • News channels

News channels of the television are broadcasting local, national and international news throughout the day. Watching news channel on regular basis can keep you update with all kind of information of the world.

  • Sports and entertainment

In this first, busy and workaholic life entertainment is required in every stage of life for refreshment. All kind of sports events are the best way of entertainment for most of the students. Except sports other entertaining programs are there as a mind refresher. So in this expansive day television is the easiest and cheapest way of entertainment. It helps to gear up your energy level by refreshing your mind to take more work load and more challenges.

  • General knowledge

G.K is one of the most important parts of education. You can get different information from all over the world through different programs. Hence, you come to know about different country of the world, their physical and geographical condition, the people of the country, their lifestyle etc.So naturally your general knowledge is developed.

  • Provide huge motivation

Lots of programs are there which can provide huge motivation to many students to fulfill their dreams.

  • Media literacy

Watching television helps to develop media literacy in students so that they can able for critical thinking, judging, understanding the complexity of different programs. Hence, enhance their skills. It also helps student in online education, the latest, easiest and most popular way of learning.

So there is no reason to think that television is an idiot box or root of all evils, it has many beneficial sides too. Only you have to select the right channel and right program.

Computer games and video games also develop several life making skills in young learner

Benefits of playing computer games

  • Make you faster

The students who used to play video game or computer game on a regular basis become faster in typing, thinking, reading and writing. Moreover in this digital era learning to accessing a computer is most important.

  • Enhance your patience level

Students have to face different challenges and cross several hurdles before reaching end of the game. It enhances their patience level. It also makes them ready to accept that all good things to achieve lies behind series of hurdles.

  • Calculative brain

For successfully playing and doing well in a video games, often it requires to rack your brains and take calculated decisions.Hence, a player has to have a quite good level of mathematical and logical intelligence.Even digital games like, crosswords, chess, Sudoku, magic square, etc. are of tremendous help to students of mathematics. It makes them ready to face tough mathematical problems in real life in their schools or colleges.

  • Are often scientific

There are many games that are closely related to science. Target shooting, car racing, flying planes, etc. all these depict principles of science. Even in advance levels, there are games of electronics which actually is really helpful and often recommended by teachers for learning applications of electronics. There are also games that are based on nuclear reactions or bacterial growths. They are useful to students of nuclear-chemistry and biology.

  • Make you technically sound

As all these computer games and video games are made with the modern technology so students who likes to play this kind of game have to know the technique and usage of the product to plat properly. This quality helps students a lot in this age of e-learning and online education.

So my dear parents and teachers please take these television programs and computer games in a right spirit and give the proper guidance and support to the learner so that they can learn the proper utilization of those and enhance their learning skills for doing homework.

Teachers should be more careful for setting the homework for their students. They must keep in mind that in this age of digitalization what types of homework students may like to do. What pattern of homework will attract most of the students? They should learn different teaching strategy like,“What steps should teachers take while setting homework”. This is very effective for the new teachers having less experience.