Can Teachers Give Homework over Break? a Qualitative Analysis

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Students are usually very excited about breaks and they eagerly wait for it as well. Most students look forward to such breaks so that they can take some time off and enjoy some quality time with their friends and parents.

However, usually schools assign homework and project work that needs to be done during the break. This adds a bit of pressure on students.

Breaks should allow kids to relax, have fun and get rid of stress. They shouldn’t be worrying about homework and assignments. At the same time, homework helps them stay in touch with studies. So, the question arises- Can teachers give homework over break or not? There is supposedly no definite answer to this age-old question. You should read on to the facts below to know more.

Importance of breaks

While it might be confusing whether homework should be given over a break or not, there is no arguing the fact that breaks are really beneficial for students. Here are a few reasons why school holiday or break is advantageous for students:

  • It gives children the much-needed time off from the hectic school activities
  • Students can travel with their families over holidays and even meet distant relatives
  • Children can participate in other activities like over the break.
  • It gives them opportunities to partake in traditions and rituals of seasonal holidays
  • With more leisure time, students can relax and be stress-free.

The topic of can teachers give homework over break is certainly debatable, but the benefits of these breaks or holidays cannot be questioned.

Why shouldn’t homework be given over a break?

Many students and parents feel that homework over break is an unnecessary burden. If we see things from their point of view, it is somewhat understandable why they feel like it. In fact, some even question the reason behind giving homework completely.

Some people even feel that teachers should limit the learning process within the school and don’t give homework at all.

One main reason for not giving homework over break is that it doesn’t allow the students the opportunity to get the mental rest they so desperately require.

The main purpose of holiday or break is to give some time off to students so that they can relax. How can they relax if they are worried about things like homework, assignments and project work all the time? This is a very important point that must be taken into consideration when it comes to the debate of can teachers give homework over break.

Holidays are time when children spend time with their families and also socialize. Often, they travel with their families to enjoy themselves. Imagine a situation where the entire family is enjoying the nice cool weather of a beachside while the student is stuck in a hotel room just because he/she has to complete his/her homework.

It is in situations like these when homework seems to be an additional burden which students are better off without. Children need to enjoy themselves during breaks without any worries. Homework can be a source of worry for some students.

During school, students are usually busy with their school activities and homework. There is hardly any time for them to spend with families and friends. A vacation or a break is the time they can spend with their families.

During the break, at least, they should be given the much-deserved luxury of time. Even if the teacher’s intention behind giving the homework is good, they should consider the importance of quality time for students first.

Are there any benefits of giving homework over break?

Yes, homework over break can be surprisingly beneficial for students as well. Here are some benefits you must take into consideration:

  • Students stay in touch with their students during the break
  • While students are away from classroom and studies, homework can prevent academic regression in them.
  • Homework over break keeps them busy. Too much free time is also not good for students. With homework, they have at least something productive to do rather than waste their time.
  • During holidays, students are a lot more time than usual to work on their homework. If they utilize this time well, the end result could be very productive.
  • Enhances the academic skills of students since they are continuously in practice
  • Improves the creativity as well

With so many benefits, it is hard to ignore homework over break. Thankfully, you can avail online homework help services to get assisted with such homework. With such services, you will be able to complete your holiday homework in a quick time and in an efficient manner.

So, can teachers give homework over break? Perhaps, they can, but they must never give too much homework to burden the student. The homework should be sufficient enough to keep the student in touch with studies.