Can Parental Involvement Help in Education of Children?

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First of all, I would like to give the answer to the Question in title; yes, parental involvement helps in the education of children. Parental involvement is frequently seen as a keystone in a child’s life, a prominent difference to your child’s education and also in school life. It is not only for academic success but also for entertainment in school.

Why are Parents involved?

Parental involvement can be considered a linked to better behavior, positive attitudes, and regular attendance in school. To be involved with your child’s education shows how much you care about your child’s education and schooling too. Involvement for the child itself makes the prospect appreciatable, allowing your children to understand the importance of education and realize the purpose how your involvement is necessary.

Parental involvement is like an extra support for children, which is especially vital when they face problems in academic sectors or the other regular challenges with friendships or extra-curricular activities. It also means the parent knows where their child’s education journey is going.

Parent’s involvement in their child’s learning which provides many options for success. Many researches state that parental involvement in a child’s education denotes possibilities for healthy children, societies, and families, and also encourage the child’s learning and development.

Some aspects of parental involvement in schools: –

  • Parenting:

The general commitments of parents include health, housing, nutrition and safety for their children. Parents also give their child the home environment for learning at all levels.


  • Conveying or communicating:

The general commitments of schools include communication with school to home such as write memos, notices, report cards, newsletters, etc. Parents provide home-to-school conveying messages and making a two-waychannel for interaction and interchange.


  • Volunteering:

Parents adjust their time and participate in school activities.


  • Give Education at home:

Parents can help their children with assignments and gives them support for learning to achieve their educational goals.


  • Decision-Making Power:

Parents are highly enriching in to take decisions and participate in school councils, activities, leadership school decision on policy and much more.


  • Cooperate with the community:

Parents are strengthening partnership with the community resources and services.

How is Parents involvement benefited to yourself?

Parents’ involvement generates ties and reinforces bonds with children, and boosts your confidence in parenting and taking decisions related to your child’s education. Getting involved in your ward’s education has lots of benefits.

By walking alongside with their child, they know their emotions, sensitiveness and their social needs. Involvement also leads to establishment of strong relationships within the school which lead to clear communication between the teachers, parents, and children. Schools that have greater levels of obligations with parents tends to experience a better society support and positive reputations. When children see a consolidated approach to their learning process between their parents and the school, they are more interested in understanding the importance of studies in their life.

How is parental involvement benefited to your child?

Several research erssay that 90% of teachers agree that parent’s involvement in their child’s education leads to better performance in school. Parental involvement motivates their child about education and work hard and also produces good results. It has been suggested that involvement of the parents helps to give attention and praise which in turn to remember their learning is admirable of adult interest. When the parents are actively involved in the school activities, then the children will learn the importance of education and try to challenge that behavior from the parents.

To be involved in child’s education also boost up the mental health of children. It strengthens the interaction between children and parents which can nurture greater confidence. It can also help the children to interact perfectly with their friends and grow up their socialskills.

What is the obstacle to successful parent involvement in child’s education?

Schools usually don’t reserve parents because they don’t think they have extraskills for their children. Schools think that parents don’t know how to help their child and their behavioral approach is similar to a community service. They also point it to the child’s involvement in various activities in school.

For school, parents sometimes hesitate to be involved in school activities because they think that they don’t have extra knowledge and neither can communicate in English. Many parents believe that they are not supposed to be welcome in schools. What these assumptions come from their education history which is due to bad experience during their school life.

Despite from this communication obstacle, both schools and parents are more likely to improve their relationship for the benefits of the students learning.

How does parent’s involvement help in child’s study habits and homework?

There are so many factors regarding achievements in school which go around developing better habits of study, and outlooks regarding assignments. Parent’s involvement plays a major role to give the motivation, support, surroundings and the required materials which are needed for learning.

Some regular things the parents can do, which include: –

  • Build up an everyday meals and study routine.
  • Give the required materials and a better environment for study.
  • Motivates the child for learning
  • Dictate all the spellings and provide them all the facilities for study.

An established routine is too vital for the child’s study at the adolescent school age. If the child knows when he/she will doing his/her homework, then it creates a better quality in a child to grow-up and always ready to do their assignments on time. If the parents are not involvedand do not set their child’s routine for homework at an early age, they can face problems in an adults age. For more details, go through “Ever wondered University students can still face problems with assignments.