Can Homework Help You Build a Career? Or Is It a Waste of Time?

11 Jun Can Homework Help You Build a Career? Or Is It a Waste of Time?

Homework is a word that usually students hate.Homework unites students on same reason as none of them wants to do it. The most common questions a student could ask himself is – “What is the need for homework? “ Or “Isn’t it enough to study in class?”  Yes, almost every student wants the answers to these questions including me when I was a student.

Come let’s find the answers to these common but important questions. Firstly, let us know the importance of homework and why it is needed to be done?

The homework is as important as classwork; however, you might not like to read this, but yes homework is very necessary to make a study routine. Homework lets you take a review on the classwork. This helps you to remark yourself that how much you have learned in the class, you come to know about your where you are lacking in and where you need to pay more attention.

Homework is important for personal growth as well, because you learn the priority of work which is needed to be done in done specified time period, this way you learn time management also.Now coming to another question “Isn’t it enough to study in class?”

  • Classroom study is the basic of any subject you are studying, without attending a class you cannot learn 100%, no matter how much you study at home but you will still be left with some inferiority. Similarly, when you study in class, you necessarily need to review it at home as well.
  • Teachers give you homework so that you can practice class material at home, you must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, by practicing homework you can learn more and you will be able to solve problems yourself without any help or guidance. So, accordingly, we can say that classroom study is the solid base of academic pizza and homework is the delicious toppings, together they make a complete yummy pizza. Hence, studying in class only is not enough but homework is equally important.

After these getting the answers of these questions there come serious questions–

Can Homework Help You Build a Career? Or Is It a Waste of Time?

Let’s explore these questions one by one. We already have understood the importance and necessity of homework, but there still remains a word i.e., – “WHY?”  Why do we do homework? Why do we even do class work? Why do we even study?

Homework derives from Class work and class work comes from studies and study is something which is needed to be done to get quality knowledge and that knowledge will you build a strong career without knowledge you will not be able to be successful unless you have a great luck.

Career Building from Homework

As this is understood, the career building is the ultimate goal of the study. So, now let’s know how homework works in real life and helps in building career. Homework teaches us many things which are applicable in real world apart from school and classroom such as:

  1. Time Management skills
  2. Exploring Skills
  3. Organization
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Self-Evaluation

So, the above-mentioned skills must be present there to in a goal oriented person.

  1. Time Management Skills:

“Time flies” you must have heard this idiom many times in your lifetime. As time waits for no one so you need to learn management of time that homework teach you very well. Homework is needed to be done in given time period so you understand the priority of your work. Similarly, in real life when you’re doing any project in your job or business knows the priority and you try to accomplish the work in specified time boundaries.

  1. Exploring Skills:

Homework allows you to find solutions to the problems yourself alone. While going through the problem you explore it and try to reach out for an outcome and during exploring you get to know more things about the problems along with the solution.This way by practicing this skill you become efficient enough to search solutions to the problems in future also.

  1. Organization:

With the help of time management, you need to learn the skill of organization. The organization helps you accomplish the pending task or more things needed to be done. If you don’t organize the schedule for doing things, you will remain stuck in one thing only.

Suppose, you need to do the homework of multiple subjects then you have to follow and organize the schedule and then the chances of getting homework done increases at its most and you can give time to do other activities as well. Similarly, when you are on way to make your career like preparing to crack any competitive exam or whether you are in job/business trying achieving a target, you need to organize your tasks and activities.

  1. Goal Setting:

The goal is something which is determined first and achieved later. No matters in which field you are, you always have a goal to achieve. In school days, completing homework is considered as achieving a goal, where you chase homework to complete and submit it. You feel a responsibility upon you to submit it correctly within the time. This responsibility and the determination help to complete that fixed goal.

  1. Self-Evaluation:

As homework lets you review the class material at home again, the homework helps you to self-evaluate yourself as well because this makes you realize where you stand on that particular subject and how much hard work is needed more. Thus, this reviewing technique enables you to evaluate your performance in future also for the best outcomes. Self-evaluation always increases your self-confidence but do not let over-confidence to take over.

Therefore, from the above points, you must have understood the value of homework and its uses for career building. Finally, now you have the answer to that tough and tragic question about the building of career. Now, moving to the next which is asking:

Is Homework a waste of time?

After understanding and reading about the qualities of homework Can you think that homework could be a waste of time?? Well, I don’t think so, but yes homework can be a waste of time as well when this is not limited. Unlimited amount of homework given to a student is nothing more than a burden.

Teachers should also be aware of the quantity of homework to be given. If there is not specified amount of homework then the time taken to complete it would kill the time for other important activities which will affect student’s personal growth, or else student will not complete the homework to accomplish other activities which will hit the academic growth of the student.

So, we conclude that homework is essential for career building but could turn into a waste of time when given in a limitless manner. Homework should be given for the sake of making students learn something from it but not to pressurize them.  Now, we have answers to both the tragic questions.

Hope this blog will be helpful to you guys in order to bring your trust and interest in homework. Happy learning!