Can Facebook and Twitter Help You Complete Assignments?

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With the advancement of technology life becomes easier. Technology advances day by day and makes our life more advanced and easy to spend.  Digitalization is the latest version of technology in this cyber age. It opens out lot of ways to reach any part of the world, make our life more easy and modern through computer internet and social media etc. The easy access of the world helps us to know lots of unique and unusual subject which were not in our reach few days back. It increases our curiosity, remember curiosity is the best teacher hence; it helps to know and learn more about those unknown things.

So, nowadays people spent maximum time in surfing internet to know some information. Or on social media for increasing their friend circle, chatting with them, downloading and sharing movies and songs etc. It is the easiest way of entertainment people do not need to face much more hassles or spend lot of money and energy. So the popularity of these social media is increasing day by day.

The common and popular social media are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • Whatsapp

These have different interesting features and protocols of handling, but are all ultimately programmed for the same main purpose of connecting to other persons who are not sitting with you at the moment.

Nowadays, students and the young generation are too much involved in social media.They can use these media on their smartphones and hence are intervened into their lives deeply and naturally, they act as a distraction from the studies. As a result, the distance between students and their studies is increasing day by day. But social media also has some positive sides; they can help the students a lot only if the students learn to use them ethically and accordingly in their studies. So students need to learn how they can use these social media as  a most effective and valuable weapon for their academic education. To expose the values of their responsible and ethical use we are going to discuses about some positive effects of these social media on the students. As the popularity of facebook and twitter, among the students is at the pick so we are focusing only on these two of them.

  • For exploring the knowledge

For doing the best assignment we need to have adequate amount of knowledge on the topic. But always the class learning is not sufficient enough for making your assignment. May be you have lots of doubts and quarries which are not clear by your teacher so you stuck up. In this situation you can get help from your social media

  • You can ask the relevant question without any hesitation to the professional experts who are too attached with that media, just by posting the questions. You will get proper responds.
  • If you want to learn the topic from any specific one who is most admirable, you can contact that person through the social media.
  • Your social media every day arrange different educational discussion,  Search for your desired topic and get  Involve yourself in the discussion you can easily explore your knowledge.
  • For easy collection of resources

Resource collection is inevitable for doing an assignment. Proper collection can make your assignment perfect and contemporary,Student need to work hard for collecting the material but  you social media can reduce your effort. You can get real life and contemporary data by

  • Some library have their account on these social media so you can contact them effortlessly through Twitter and Facebook
  • You can check latest information about your topic on Twitter and Facebook
  • You can search for linking to blogs and content on the same topic and collect the relevant  information from there for your assignment
  • For language development

If you can involve yourself in blogs writing and content writing through the social media you can develop your language and vocabulary and it will enhance your writing skills too.

  • For making a study circle

Social media helps us to make new friends everyday and thus increase our friend circle more and more.We can by all means turn this friend circle into a study circle, if we want. There is no trouble if you start talking to your school friends about your homework and assignments over the social media.Having common assignments it will be helpful for those students when they interact amongst themselves over social media.

  • For enhancing communication skills

Let us not forget what a social media is created for. It is after all a means for otherwise impossible communication. So using social media always enhances our communication skills. It is inevitable, no matter which ever media we use and with whomever we connect.

  • Online chatting helps us to learn how we can put forward our point in very short time spending least data on the Net.
  • This helps us to adapt to this swift world and speak to the point as expected in school, colleges or offices.
  • Writing your assignments in brief, but in a satisfactorily explanatory way is also a result of our enhanced communication skills taught by chats on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.


  • For keeping yourselves updated

The most attractive and useful part of social media is that they provide us with a huge amount of general knowledge and information. In fact, your Facebook account can be a seat of knowledge about your country or the world.

  • You have options for joining pages of news or science developments and get the most recent news and on any topic presented right in front of you.
  • Also, once you have joined the group they will send you updates or links regarding any new addition to their page. You can check that every day and keep yourself updated all the time.
  • If you are involved in some advanced project, thesis or PhD, then keeping yourself updated and including all those recent information in your work is necessary.Here, your social media account can be your saviour.


  • For learning projects and presentation

Any online site or media is all about presentation. How you design a site determines the popularity and success of it.The popularity of Facebook and Twitter proves that there is much to learn from their designs and structures.

  • By spending some time appreciating the designs, background colors and settings of these media, a student can learn a lot about proper presentation.
  • Many people or organizations structures and presents public messages or documentaries. They can teach you a lot about how to do a project.
  • It will help you to wonderfully finish any creative home assignment or project work assigned from your institute.
  • You can thus fulfil your knowledge on presentation and it will come in handy all throughout life starting from school to office.


  • For accessing the online learning

This is the most updated   flexible and worldwide most popular way of learning where student get enough support to  explore their knowledge, enhance their skills and increase their confidence. So student can join the online assignment help provider on the social media like Facebook and Twitter and get rid of all the hassles of doing assignment

  • They are enrich with lots of qualified subject professionals who can help in all level for any kind of assignment
  • They are available for you at any point of time.
  • They provide hundred percent accurate solutions with proper explanation.
  • They complete the job beforehand so you never miss the deadline.


So I believe people must be thankful and relieved to know these positive sides of the social media especially for Facebook and Twitter. Try not to be addicted as it can distract you from your main study.  Learn the proper use  of it  and try to  learn all  those factor  which are unusual such as –‘10 ways to learn management that is not taught in class’. These will enhance your inner quality and inter personal skills.